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Molecular Immunogenetics of Cancer

Group leader

Lidia Sashchenko
Ph.D., Dr.Sc.
Group Leader
Lab. Molecular immunogenetics of cancer

Research interests:

Cytotoxity, lymphocytes activation, cell death mechanisms, autoimmune reactions


We investigate the immune response mechanisms of activated lymphocytes from human blood against tumor cells. We investigate the processes of activation of lymphocytes, the appearance of cytotoxic populations, study the mechanisms of their cytotoxic activity, their regulation, characterize the signal of cell death in tumor target cells, and the key molecular mechanisms involved in their death. The study of the processes occurring both in the cells of the immune system and in the tumor cells attacked by them can give the key to both strengthening the antitumor effect and creating antitumor drugs, and overcoming the resistance of tumor cells, and increasing the effectiveness of the impact on the tumor.

Group members

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Innate immunity protein Tag7 is the stimulator of human immune responce