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Structural and Functional Organization of Chromosomes

Group leader

Sergey Razin
Associated Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Ph.D., Dr.Sci., Professor
Head of Laboratory

Research interersts:

Chromatin, Epigenetics, 3D genomics, Domain organization of the eukaryotic genome,

Globin genes, Functional compartmentalization of the cell nucleus,

DNA repair, cellular response to stresses


The laboratory is studying the domain and spatial organization of the genome of higher eukaryotes. Special attention is paid to epigenetic mechanisms operating at the level of the three-dimensional organization of the genome. We use a wide arsenal of the so-called C-methods, which allow the detection of spatial contacts between distant genomic elements. We study the mechanisms underlying formation of the 3D genome in various groups of organisms and the role of spatial contacts between distant genomic elements in the formation of regulatory modules. The resent work is focused on characterization of the 3D genome in individual cells and search of low molecular weight agents that alter the 3D organization of the genome, which could be used as “epigenetic” drugs.

Group members

Selected publications


foundation title
RSF Epigenetic mechanisms controlling eukaryotic genome functioning

The role of nuclear lamina in supporting 3D genome organization in Drosophila germline cells

RFBR Reconfiguration of regulatory chains in structural-functional domains of eukaryotic genome using genome editing