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Genome Spatial Organization

Group leader

Alexey Gavrilov
Ph.D., Dr.Sc.
Senior Scientist
Group of Genome Spatial Organization
Group Leader

Research interests:

chromatin, epigenetics, transcription, cell nucleus


The work in the group is focused on studying genome spatial organization and the role it plays in regulation of gene expression. We have studied molecular mechanisms that control expression of globin genes and suggested new models of gene activation by distant regulatory elements. We have investigated the principles of organization of the Drosophila genome into topologically associated domains. Special attention has been paid to the improvement of existent and the development of new methods to study 3D genome organization. In particular, we have developed conceptually new approaches to study spatial interaction between distant regulatory elements (methods M3C and INGRID) and re-evaluated the crucial steps of the chromosome conformation capture (3C) experimental protocols. Currently, we are developing a new whole-genome approach for the analysis of interactions between DNA and RNA in the cell nucleus. The approach gives promise for greatly improving the in vivo functional characterization of non-coding RNAs operating in the cell nucleus.

Group members

Selected publications





RNA-DNA interactome of the cell


Reconfiguration of regulatory networks in the structural-functional domains of the eukaryotic genome using genomic editing techniques