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Chromatin Biology

Group leader

Maksim Erokhin
Senior Scientist
Group Leader
Group of Chromatin Biology

Research iInterests:

Activation of transcription, repression of transcription,

enhancer, silencer, insulator


The development of multicellular organisms requires the establishment of individual patterns of gene expression in each cell type. This process is controlled by different classes of DNA regulatory elements: enhancers, silencers and insulators. Currently, the work of the group is focused on two main directions:

  • Investigation of protein complexes involved in the activation and repression of transcription;
  • The role of non-coding transcription in the activities of DNA-regulatory elements.

Group members

Selected publications


foundation title
RFBR Mechanisms controlling the activity of superenhancers in Drosophila
RFBR Functions of Drosophila Crol protein in regulation of transcription