Семинар «Molecular Analysis: In Silico, In Vitro and In Vivo»

Balazs Gyorffy (Semmelweiss University, Budapest, Hungary): How to employ genomic data to validate cancer biomarkers?

Alexander Tyaht (Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow): Application of Hi-C approach for exploring microbiome.

Natalia Klimenko (Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow): Analysis of zinc-finger proteins binding sites.

Vladislav Mogila, Nadezhda Vorobyeva (Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow): Drosophila as a model for transcriptional studies

Maxim Erokhin (Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow): Alterations of Polycomb repressor complex 2 in cancer.

Marat Pavlyukov (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow): Alternative splicing allows glioblastoma to proliferate in acidic pH by modulating the specificity of translation

Konstantin Shaitan (Moscow State University): to be announced

Institute of Gene Biology RAS

February 4, 2020, 11:00, conference-hall (alt. room 309/8)